How to care for Bermuda Grass in Macon / Warner Robins

Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that is very suitable to Macon / Warner Robins temperate climate. Like Zoysia, Bermuda boasts a bold green color in the spring and summer, and then turns brown as it enters dormancy during the fall and winter.


Regardless of which variety you choose, Bermuda grass offers a great, drought-resistant, disease resistant option for creating a thick, green lawn in the warm, summer months.

Common Bermuda 

can be planted from seed, sod or sprigs. Even though you can quickly establish dense turf with Common Bermuda, it is known to have more drawbacks than its hybrid alternatives including more seed heads, and being less resistance to weeds and disease.

Hybrid Bermuda

is not available in seed form so you will have to rely on sodding or sprigging to install it. There are several hybrid options available. Hybrids offer a finer, softer leaf texture and tend to have less seed heads and a richer color. Hybrids create an even denser turf and are also known to stand up better to weeds and disease than Common Bermuda. On the flip side, hybrids require a more demanding lawn care routine including frequent edging, close mowing and increased fertilization.

Bermuda Grass in Macon / Warner Robins

Benefits: Its hardiness and other appealing characteristics make it a very attractive option to Macon/ Warner Robins homeowners. It’s:

Drawbacks: Like any other turf, Bermuda has its faults too. While many are drawn to its ability to create a dense, established lawn quickly, Bermuda’s rapid growth can also be viewed as a negative. Bermudagrass tends to:

  • Spread rapidly, both above and below the soil, making it hard to keep out of flowerbeds and pathways.
  • Require frequent mowing of at least once per week.
  • It requires full sun and is not shade tolerant.  It will need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • And seed heads in Common Bermuda appear soon after mowing.

Bermuda Grass in Macon / Warner Robins

Planting: Timing and soil preparation are important when it comes to establishing grass. Be intentional about your planting to save yourself trouble down the road.

  • Common Bermuda can be planted from grass seed in summer months.
  • Lay hybrid sod anytime of year in the Macon / Warner Robins area.
  • Till before planting to soften the soil, and be sure to subscribe to a weed control program.

Lawn Care: Unless you appropriately maintain your Bermudagrass, you won’t achieve the flawless yard you’re looking for. Be sure to:

  • Fertilize in the spring once your Bermuda turns half green. Continue applying fertilizer every six weeks after the first application until September.
  • Follow proper mowing techniques. Don’t cut more than a third of the blade height at each mowing session.
  • Scalping Bermuda in late winter will help green up occur faster and encourage a dense lawn in the spring.
  • Water effectively and be sure your grass gets an inch of water every week.

Bermuda grass is one of our favorite turfs, and it is a great option if your yard receives full sun. When properly managed, a Bermuda lawn can provide a flawless, lush, green turf during the warm weather. If you’re facing issues with your Bermuda lawn, we’re happy to provide a free analysis and get you back on track. Give us a call at 478-318-7644 or email a Lawn Care Specialist.

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