Weed Control

Stay in Front of Weeds With Liquid Lawn

Regular Treatment Help Keep Weeds at Bay

When it comes to keeping weeds off your lawn, regular treatments are necessary. While a one-time application of Liquid Lawn will certainly help your lawn, regular servicing can get your lawn to a level of health where you almost never see weeds.


Why You Need Weed Control For a Healthy Lawn or Landscape:

  • Weeds can grow more rapidly in places with high moisture levels
  • Some weeds overcrowd your grass and deprive it of nutrients
  • Some weeds have aggressive root structures that overtake space for your grass to set their own
  • Growing seasons and methods are different for different weeds, so if you don’t treat weeds regularly, you can’t expect to prevent them year-round

Weed Control For Macon and Warner Robins Area Lawns

Weed control is one of the most important ways to protect your lawn from being infested and taken over by aggressive weeds. In our climate, there are several weeds that can take over your lawn, crowd out your turf, and ultimately kill it. This is part of what makes both pre-emergent and active weed control important. Thanks to our trusted system and patented Liquid Lawn formula, our service is GUARANTEED to eliminate weeds that could overcrowd your lawn with leaves and roots. Weeds can be very aggressive in the Macon and Warner Robins areas — missing even a few lawn care services for weed control can lead to a lawn that is destroyed in just one season.

Nutsedge Weed Control

Nutsedge is a very aggressive weed, especially in overwatered areas and during the growing season. When we get lots of rain or areas of your lawn get overwatered, it will likely require aggressive weed control. Nutsedge cannot be pulled up by hand effectively because it has nutlets buried up to 12 inches below ground. You can pull up the weed foliage, but not the nutlet where the weed grows from. These weeds are best treated by a foliar application, which means you’ll have to treat them with weed killer after they’ve already started emerging.

Crabgrass Weed Control

Crabgrass is an annual weed that can spread aggressively from early summer until the first frost. This grass can shade out your existing turf, and by winter time you will have large bare spots throughout your lawn. Crabgrass is one of the most aggressive and predominant weeds in Georgia, and its growing cycle requires that lawn treatments for crabgrass control include pre-emergent treatments. These weeds are best avoided through preventive weed control completed in February, before its seeds have germinated.

Dallisgrass Weed Control

If it looks like your lawn is growing two types of grass, it’s probably not. Unfortunately, there’s a predominant weed in Georgia that can blend into your lawn and take over the root structure of your grass, and you’ll still be none the wiser. Dallisgrass is a tough weed to kill. It looks a lot like overgrown, matted grass, and it is particularly ugly against the backdrop of an otherwise well cared for lawn. Dallisgrass is treated with both pre-emergent weed control and concurrent weed killer applications, but it sometimes takes two to three applications to kill dallisgrass. It is best treated by a foliar application during the growing season.

Our Weed Control Program GUARANTEES to Kill All of Your Weeds!

Our unique liquid lawn care program will prevent certain weeds from germinating and will kill any existing weeds as long as the program is properly followed. Our seven-step program can prevent weeds from germinating in all four seasons. Weeds can be a constant problem for lawns in the Macon and Warner Robins area. Weed seeds get blown in from the wind, tracked in on mowing equipment, spread from neighbor’s lawn, and are even blown in by street traffic. That’s natural anywhere, but combine that with the moist atmosphere and vast array of pollinating insects, and Georgia becomes a breeding ground for weeds. 

With our lawn care program, your lawn is protected by a “liquid protective blanket” that prevents certain weeds from germinating in your lawn. When those that can’t be killed with pre-emergent care do arise, we’ll be there with our regularly scheduled maintenance trips and follow through with our product guarantee by making extra stops until your lawn is controlled and weed-free.

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