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Fertilizing your lawn is no simple task and it shouldn’t be taken on by those who don’t know what they’re doing. Different types of grasses and landscapes require different levels of fertilizing and sometimes even different methods of fertilization. If you want to start fertilizing your lawn for a lush, beautiful look, then call today!


Why You Should Use A Pro For Fertilizing

  • Because different types of grass require different nitrogen levels
  • Improper fertilizing can make your lawn less healthy
  • Fertilizer won’t set as well under the wrong conditions
  • Because we will be there consistently to fertilize your lawn
  • Because you’re too busy to try to keep up with the biology of your grass!


Fertilizer applications are very important for the proper maintenance of lawns. This is especially true in places where the growing season is prolonged like ours in Macon / Warner Robins. Different kinds of grass require different kinds of treatment. Bermuda grass, Centipede, St Augustine and Zoysia are all considered to be warm season grasses, but have different nitrogen requirements.

Fertilizer in Macon & Warner Robins area

Homeowners in Macon / Warner Robins need to be adequately informed about what kind of grass they have planted and how it should be dealt with. Some homeowners also use fertilizer without taking all these factors into consideration. This subsequently ends up damaging the grass rather than making it better. It is important to know what kind of grass responds well to which kind of fertilizer. It is also important to know the number of times that the fertilizer should be used. Many people either use the fertilizer too many times or too few times. This does more harm than good. That is why it is important to apply the fertilizers in just the right amount and in the right frequency.

Zoysia, St Augustine, and Centipede grass benefit from about 2 pounds of Nitrogen per year per 1000 square feet while Bermuda requires more.  We split these between three lawn treatments that can consistently feed the lawn throughout the growing season and keep a really nice lush green color. All of our grasses in Macon / Warner Robins tend to benefit from crabgrass treatment in the late winter as well as several other weed control treatments.

Best Lawn Care Company in Macon GA

Taking care of a lawn can be very challenging. That is why most people prefer to let professionals in the field of lawn fertilization Macon / Warner Robins handle all the lawn related tasks for them. This way they can avoid the many mistakes that homeowners tend to make when they are handling such activities on their own. Professionals in this field have plenty of knowledge about which lawn responds to what kind of treatment. They will provide the right kind of treatment to ensure that it grows beautifully and steadily. Many homeowners tend to read books on the subject and acquire as much information as they can on the internet. However, this does not always prove useful. They might end up consulting the wrong books or misinterpret the information that has been given. By hiring an expert company in lawn fertilization Macon / Warner Robins, they can avoid all these problems.

Our regular lawn care agreements will prove crucial to your lawn staying beautiful year round. The professionals will come to the home about every 7 weeks to treat the lawn. He or she will bring not only the right type of fertilizer but also the right weed killer and nutrients required to make sure that the

grass and the trees and shrubs grow in a healthy way. This will provide a well-manicured lawn with healthy grass. In fact, most of the time, a service will cost even less than the homeowner would have to pay for the materials if he did it on his own. Here, do-it-yourselfers will not save money, but spend more money.

Growing and managing a lawn is a lot of responsibility. It also involves a fair bit of expense on the part of the homeowner. That is why it is best to ensure that it is done correctly. If the operations were to be conducted in a haphazard manner the lawn could get permanently damaged. Hiring lawn professionals is the best way of ensuring a beautiful lawn.  Contact us now to help!

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