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Care and Maintenance for a Lush Lawn

What Does Liquid Lawn Do?

It’s easy to wonder what exactly Liquid Lawn does, but the easiest explanation is that we do all the things necessary to keep your lawn lush and healthy aside from cutting and trimming. Of course, what needs to be done to maintain your lawn changes from lawn to lawn and area to area. The needs of a Daytona, Florida lawn, for example, will be much different from the needs of a lawn in Macon, Georgia.

Whether your yard needs weed or pest control, lawn aeration, fertilization, or any other of our range of services will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your Daytona or Middle Georgia lawn or landscape. Factors such as soil type, grass type, moisture levels, and more can all help determine when you should take on a project such as fertilization or pest control, as well as what products and methods should be used.

Just to give you a little better idea of all the services that we offer, we decided to compile a list of some of the possible lawn treatments that we might provide for your lawn or landscape and when each may come into play. If you have more questions about our services, contact us for specific questions about treatments for your Daytona or Middle Georgia lawn.

Care and Maintenance Services

At Liquid Lawn, we provide a wide variety of services, led by our patented, all-liquid formulas that help fight pests and weeds. Whether you just need one-time fire-ant removal, or you want a long-term lawn care service company for regular maintenance, we’re here to help. We offer one-time services as well as long-term packages that are meant to help keep your lawn healthy year-round.

Our Range of Services

If you have any of these lawn care maintenance needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. From the first visit to your home, you’ll see the difference that Liquid Lawn care can do for your yard, lawn, or landscape. We’ll do our best to eradicate the problem and to provide you with lasting results. If any of our services fail on the first go-around, then we’ll come back and fix the problem for free!



Aerating the core of your lawn helps ensure that it will be dense and healthy during and through the growing season. Over time, the soil that makes up your lawn or landscape will be compacted through foot traffic, rain, mowing, and more. As the soil becomes more and more compact, nutrients, air, and water begin to struggle to reach your grass. Most of the soils in Middle Georgia will require aeration for a lush-looking lawn, however, some Florida lawns may never require it, due to their sometimes sandy composition.


With the prolonged growing cycles of Middle Georgia and the Daytona area, fertilization can be very important for the upkeep up and maintenance of lawns. Lawn fertilization becomes critical in providing grasses with the nutrients they need to stay green in these climates. While deciding on fertilization may seem like a no-brainer for making your lawn look better, it’s something that homeowners need to be dedicated to. Maintaining the nitrogen levels provided by your fertilizer will be critical to the lawn’s future health.

This is why we recommend regular servicing for anyone in Daytona or Middle Georgia that decides to fertilize their lawn with our company.


Fire Ant Removal

Fire ants are more dangerous than they seem, and having them on your lawn is a threat to small children and animals. If your kids play outside often, or your dog is left unsupervised, then fire ant control and treatment can help give you peace of mind. After all, a swarm of fire ants could kill someone who is allergic or who gets stung too many times!

As an extremely aggressive species that is slowly spreading across the United States, the red imported fire ant is extremely hard to eradicate altogether. However, with Liquid Lawn, residents of Daytona and Middle Georgia can be sure of up to nine months of protection as well as a less serious infestation next spring or summer.

Pest Control

In addition to fire ant removal, we work to remove a large variety of other pests from your lawn or landscape. In Middle Georgia and Daytona alike, we have high amounts of moisture in the air, as well as in and around our soils. Unfortunately, while it provides for some subtropical features that you wouldn’t see elsewhere in the U.S., it also invites many species of insects and harmful pests.

Aside from our fire ant pest control, which comes as a different service, we offer pest control and protection from most other types of lawn pests with our own insecticide formula. Some lawns may only require spot treatments of pest control. This is more often the case with dry lawns, as one-time treatments can be an effective solution to pests like armyworms, or for sandy soils experiencing issues with mole crickets.

Other lawns, especially those that are more moist, will require seasonal pest control treatments to ensure that pests aren’t present at any time of the year.


Weed Control

Weed control is an important aspect in not only making sure that your lawn or landscape is free of weeds but also in ensuring that pests don’t move in. Weeds provide space for pests to live and extra foliage for them to feed on. So keeping your weeds in control will in turn help keep your pests in control.



In Georgia, weed control is essential, as the climate allows for many species of weeds and many of them could take over your lawn by covering or pushing out healthy grass. There are a few particularly aggressive weeds that make regular or scheduled weed control almost essential, these include nutsedge, crabgrass, and dallisgrass. These species of weeds dominate your lawn with seeding that almost never leaves the ground. They can also take over large surface areas, pulling nutrients away from the grass or turf you have growing in your lawn. These weeds are particularly threatening to newly sodded lawns that haven’t yet established their root structure.

What makes regular weed control the most effective strategy for dealing with these particular weeds is that they grow at different times of the year and because they have different points of vulnerability. While some weeds need to be addressed before they grow, others can only be effectively treated during their growing season.



In the Daytona area, weeds can be tricky to eliminate as well. However, some of the same methods that need to be applied on Georgia lawns can also effectively treat those in Daytona. Keeping your lawn healthy with fertilizer and necessary watering is the first step to eliminating weeds. More grass means less space for weeds to grow! This is particularly true of larger weeds that often take sunlight and nutrients from the shorter grass.

From there, once again, regular maintenance and weed deterrent applications are required to best rid your lawn of weeds. Pre-emergent weed treatments will help take care of weeds that need to be addressed during germination, and foliar application — applying directly to the plant’s leaves — is needed for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.

Our Lawn Care Service Plans

As we’ve said before, different lawns come with different requirements, so it only makes sense that different homeowners would want different service packages for their lawn or landscape. At Liquid Lawn, we offer two different packages for homeowners, depending on the needs of their lawn. If your lawn is in a particularly wet or lush area, you’ll likely want to go with the more advanced option of our two packages.

Weed Control and Fertilization Program

If your lawn doesn’t attract many pests, then a weed control and fertilization plan could be the right plan for you. If you want to keep weeds at bay year-round, then you need treatments during germination and growth stages, which means having Liquid Lawn stop by at least three seasons of the year. Here’s what those trips will consist of:

  • Preventative weed control in early winter, late winter, and early spring
  • Late spring and early summer weed control applications and fertilization
  • Mid-summer fertilization
  • Late summer weed control and root feeding

With just a few stop-ins throughout the year, we can keep your lawn thick and lush and your weeds at bay!

Insect and Disease Prevention Program

Our next package is essentially a modified version of the first, as most lawns require at least a little fertilizing and weed control to stay healthy throughout the year. However, some lawns will require much more work in order to keep them healthy. For the most part, there’s nothing you can do to permanently rid your lawn of pests and disease. That being said, with regular maintenance and lawn care, you can make sure that your lawn or landscape never gets overrun with harmful insects or fungi. Here are some of the extra tasks that we perform in order to help ensure that your landscape doesn’t suffer from pests or fungi:

  • Early and late spring preventative fungicide treatments
  • Early summer preventative insecticide treatment
  • Early and late fall preventative fungicide treatments

That’s all it takes! With just a few extra visits, we can help make sure that insects and fungus don’t take a hold on your lawn. Even though some lawns are more susceptible to insects and fungi, it doesn’t have to be impossible to keep the two at bay.

Contact Liquid Lawn in Daytona or Middle Georgia Today

After years of success in controlling lawn pests and weeds with our patented formula around Macon and Warner Robins, Liquid Lawn has brought its services to Daytona. If you’re looking for the best solution to your lawn’s weed and pest problems, then contact Liquid Lawn today.