Lawn treatment

Lawn Treatment

A lawn treatment in Macon & Warner Robins is one the most important ways you can ensure that your lawn will be healthy.  Think of it as changing the oil in your car or changing the air filters in your home.  To keep your lawn in good condition, lawn treatments are a necessity.  These treatments prevent weeds from taking over your lawn and also make sure your lawn is healthy and beautiful.  Replacing grass these days is extremely expensive so our lawn applications are cheap insurance to make sure your investment stays thick and green!  Luckily our applications don’t take much green out of your wallet, but have tremendous green impact on your lawn!

Weed control lawn treatment

Weed control is a very important aspect of our lawn treatments in Macon & Warner Robins.  Our weed control applications kill existing weeds but also put out a protective weed control “blanket” that prevents weeds from germinating in your lawn.  This is really the best way to control weeds.  Our herbicide applications are spread out about every 6-7 weeks with a total of 7 applications in our basic package.  A typical pre-emergent herbicide starts to break down right about the 7 week period, so that is why we time our applications every 6-7 weeks.  This allows us to provide maximum protection from weeds on your lawn.  Here a list of our 7 treatments:

  1. Late winter preventative weed control lawn treatment
  2. early spring preventative weed control lawn treatment
  3. late spring preventative weed control & fertilization lawn treatment
  4. early summer preventative weed control & fertilization lawn treatment
  5. mid summer fertilization lawn treatment
  6. late summer preventative weed control & fertilization lawn treatment
  7. early winter preventative weed control lawn treatment

Fertilization lawn treatment

Fertilizer is the most practical lawn treatment to make your lawn healthy and dense.  Fertilizing your lawn encourages growth and is a great way to encourage bare spots to fill in and encourage more dense stand of grass.  A dense, thick stand of grass will help prevent weeds by crowding them out.  Fertilization also encourages new leaf and root growth and will make the overall appearance of the lawn look much better.  It will also help replace nutrients lost to leaching and grass clipping removal, and will jump start recovery from pest damage or foot traffic.  And probably the MOST important aspect of fertilization is that it makes your lawn a beautiful dark GREEN!  There is nothing like a beautifully manicured dark green lawn!

Why a Liquid Lawn treatment?

Dark green front lawn of a client that uses our lawn treatments. He uses our weed control and fertilization lawn treatment package that ensures his lawn is dark green and beautiful.

A Liquid Lawn treatment is unique because all of our applications are liquid.  We don’t spread granular fertilizer and there is a very good reason for it.  Spraying a liquid fertilizer allows us to mix other nutrients into the tank that you just simply cannot do with a granular fertilizer.  While other companies are only putting out nitrogen, we are putting out a concoction of nitrogen with other additives such as a preventive weed control, iron and other nutrients to keep your lawn healthy.  We also use a nitrogen slow release additive that ensures that your lawn is being steadily being fed the nutrients it needs to thrive for weeks.  Our liquid fertilizer is also instantaneous.  It soaks into the soil and it is absorbed by the foliage of the turf for near instant results.  We have 3 fertilizer treatments through the summer so that your lawn is constantly fed throughout the growing season and will maintain that wonderful dark green look.  Our fertilizer rates are based upon the scientist’s recommendations at UGA.  Over-fertilizing can cause problems with increased thatch buildup and make your lawn more susceptible to fungus.  A carefully calibrated fertilizer program will keep your lawn beautiful all summer!  Many of the box stores that sell fertilizer include far too much nitrogen for warm season grasses. Centipede is especially sensitive to over-fertilization.  UGA recommends a NPK of 15-0-15 for centipede while this combination is almost impossible to find at Lowes or Home Depot.  What do these numbers mean?  The first number is Nitrogen which makes the grass grow and become dark green.  The second number is Phosphorus which stimulates root and seeding develop which is important for establishing new grass.  The third number is Potassium which promotes tolerance against disease and drought.

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