Lawn Care in Forsyth

Lawn Care in Forsyth

Liquid Lawn care services Forsyth!

Liquid Lawn care services the Forsyth area!  We have several great clients in Forsyth and we would love to help you keep your lawn in tip top shape.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose Liquid Lawn.

The Liquid Lawn Guarantee

Our Liquid Lawn Guarantee will give the assurance that your lawn is being taken care of by seasoned professionals.  We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our service.  We guarantee to kill all of your weeds!  No excuses!

Lawn care in Forsyth means weed control!

Weed control is an important lawn care service to ensure you have a beautiful consistently green lawn.   Weeds are a never ending problem with lawns.  Weeds are not something that can be sprayed once and then left alone for months.  Weed treatments need to happen every 7 weeks.  The typical weed treatment starts to break down after about 7 weeks, so it is really important to do applications on 7 week intervals all year round.  Even on our fertilizer treatments we are applying weed control.  This is a big difference between us and the “other guys”.  While they are putting out just granular fertilizer, we are putting out both liquid nitrogen, weed control, and iron.  This is will make your lawn look so much better!

For proper lawn care in Forsyth you need fertilizer!

Fertilizer will also really make your lawn look great.  The first thing you will notice is that it will be rich dark green!  But fertilization also has many other benefits that help your lawn thrive.  Fertilizer encourage leaf growth and root growth, and it also helps grass repair itself if grass is weak or bare in areas.  Fertilizer also helps grass repairs itself from winter injury, pet traffic, disease, and insect damage.  Probably one of the of the most important reasons to fertilize is that it makes your lawn thick and dense and crowds out weeds.  This will keep your lawn looking dark green and really lush.  But the real Liquid Lawn Advantage is that we don’t do granular because of its limitations.  We apply a liquid fertilizer where granules of ammonium sulfate are melted into the water in our tanks.  Because we are mixing fertilizer in water, we can also mix other things to really help give your lawn that extra boost!  We also ad weed preventative and nutritional additives to ensure your lawn is weed free and beautifully green!

If you are interested in lawn maintenance, please contact our sister company.