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It’s important to aerate your Georgia lawn to ensure that air, water, and nutrients can continue to get down to the roots. As your soil becomes more compact, it can be harder for these elements to penetrate deep enough to help your lawn stay healthy, thick, and green. Most of the soils in Georgia will require aeration to keep it dense and lush throughout the growing season. Contact Liquid Lawn to schedule your service.

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Fertilization is vital for the upkeep and maintenance of your Georgia lawn. At Liquid Lawn, we understand that not only does your lawn need regular fertilization but that it may also have different requirements from your neighbor’s lawn. With that in mind, you’ll be glad to know that we offer tailored lawn care and maintenance programs. You want the greenest lawn on the block and we can help. Contact Liquid Lawn today to schedule your lawn fertilization services.

Weed Control

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard to get your lawn in top-notch condition only to discover weeds poking their ugly heads up in the middle of your gorgeous turf. If you’re tired of fighting this seemingly never-ending battle, contact the professionals at Liquid Lawn today to schedule our expert weed control services. We have the experience and knowledge to help rid your lawn of crabgrass, dandelions, and more. Contact us today to get a quote and schedule your weed control services. 

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Pest Control

You worked hard to create your ideal backyard oasis because you want to spend time enjoying it with friends and family. Nothing can ruin your time outdoors more quickly than pests. From mosquitoes and ants to mole crickets and more, trust the professionals at Liquid Lawn with the expert pest control services you need. Get the lawn you want, and schedule your pest control services today!

Lawn Care

At Liquid Lawn, we don’t treat your yard like every other yard on your street. We know that each lawn has unique needs and concerns. From pests and weeds to soil content and more, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge to ensure that you’ll love the results. Get the lush green lawn you’ve always wanted, and enjoy more time in your Georgia yard. Contact us today to get a quote.


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Are you in need of lawn care services? Contact the professionals at Liquid Lawn to provide the superior service you want. We have more than 15 years of experience and are here to help you get the right lawn care services and maintenance plan for your lawn. Contact Liquid Lawn in Georgia today to get started with a free quote.

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Our 100% Weed Free Guarantee!!

Our unique liquid-only application process allows us to guarantee our work. By preventing weeds on every application, we are able to provide a guarantee that is second to none!

We notify you before we come!

Instead of just showing up and doing an application like all of the other companies, we notify you the day before we come. We believe this is important so you can unlock backyard gates, move cars out of the way, and secure your pets.

We have low monthly rates for your lawn care service!

We offer monthly billing to help your lawn care rate fit into your budget.

No hassle billing!

We keep your credit card securely on file and will notify you when your application has been completed. You can expect to get an invoice the day after we come, which is when we will bill your credit card.

Does your lawn need help?

Our lawn care technicians use tablets to document all observations of areas where your lawn might have specific needs and will send you an email with photos of these areas. This means that you get real-time updates of what your lawn needs and our suggestions for addressing those needs.

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