Lawn Care Bolingbroke

Lawn Care in Bolingbroke, GA

Importance of lawn care in the Bolingbroke area

Bolingbroke is a really unique place.  The little stores along Highway 41 are charming and it is a really neat place to visit.  The homes in this area are really nice and the lawns are primarily zoysia and centipede.  There tends to be a lot of shady lawns in Bolingbroke because of the beautiful hardwood trees in this area.  We provide lawn care in Bolingbroke and have many clients that use our service to protect their lawns from weeds.

Lawn care in Bolingbroke – weed control

Keeping weeds out of your yard is a major component of our lawn care program in Bolingbroke.  Battling weeds is a never-ending battle.  There are dozens and dozens of weeds that damage our lawns in this area. Weed control through prevention is the preferred method of our lawn care service and once you have signed up for our lawn care program, you will be in good shape before you know it!  With our Liquid Lawn Guarantee, we guarantee to kill all of your weeds!  Even the hard to kill weeds.  If you notice any weeds at any time, we will come back and treat your lawn for FREE.  Our technicians are friendly and well trained, they will take care of your lawn like it is their own!

Lawn care in Bolingbroke – fertilization

Fertilization is a really important aspect of lawn care in Bolingbroke.  Fertilization is critically important to preventing weeds because it creates lush, dense lawns.  Lush and dense lawns sequester weeds and weeds have a much harder time of thriving. Fertilization also encourages leaf and root growth.  Our fertilizer process is really unique for this area.  Some companies in north Atlanta use our approach, but no other company in our area has a completely liquid fertilizer program.  When we apply nitrogen in a liquid formulation, it allows us to also add a preventive weed control additive.  This ensures that your lawn will not only get all of the proper nutrients but also have additional protection against weeds.

If you are interested in lawn mowing, please contact our sister company.