Lawn Care in Gray

Lawn Care in Gray, GA

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Liquid Lawn services the Gray area with our lawn care service. Take advantage of our 100% guarantee to kill your weeds or your money back!  We guarantee even to kill those hard to kill weeds!  We want to become your partner in making sure your lawn is well taken care of.  With our service we advise you on what problems to look out for throughout the different times of the year, watering advice, and notifications of service and any problems we might see.

Weed control is really important for your lawn care in Gray!

Hire us to keep weeds out of your lawn!  Weeds are a nagging persistent problem in lawns.  Doing only one weed control application is just a band aid fix.  You need to have weed prevention applications 7 times a year to protect your lawn from all of the different types of weeds that germinate in the different seasons (spring, early summer, late summer fall, early winter and late winter).  This is why we have 7 different applications spaced appropriately to prevent weeds in each upcoming season.  Keeping weeds out of your lawn is a constant battle, but when you have Liquid Lawn treating your yard you do not have to worry about weeds any longer!

Why fertilization is so important for your lawn care in Gray?

Fertilization is vital for your lawn’s health.  With our proprietary liquid fertilizer formulation, we are able to carefully calibrate the correct amount of nitrogen for your lawn as well include additives that will prevent weeds and enhance the color of your lawn.  Fertilizing your lawn is essential because it helps your lawn repair itself from damage, fill in bare spots, and create thick dense turf.  The best way to prevent weeds is to crowd them out with thick lush stand of grass.  Our fertilization program ensures that your lawn will look its best throughout the entire growing season.  Our lawn care program builds a healthy root system throughout the growing season so your lawn will be prepared for winter.

If you are interested in lawn maintenance, please contact our sister company.