Lawn Care in Macon

Lawn Care in Macon, GA

Liquid Lawn is the #1 Choice for Lawn Care in Macon!

Choosing the right provider for your lawn care in Macon is really important if you want a beautiful lawn and a partner in making sure your lawn is beautiful and protected from pests.  We guarantee our weed control and guarantee you will be happy choosing us for your lawn care in Macon.

Why is Liquid Lawn Your #1 Choice for Lawn Care in Macon?

  • We GUARANTEE to kill all your weeds!
  • We notify you before we come!
  • We don’t have contracts!
  • We have military discounts!
  • We have senior citizen discounts!
  • We have over 200 Google reviews!
  • Our Liquid Lawn formula really is different!
  • Get a quote within 24 hours right now!

How is Liquid Lawn Different Than Other Lawn Care Companies in Macon?

We try to partner with our clients to make sure your lawn is taken care of and protected from issues such as disease, insect, and drought damage.  We notify our clients the day before we are coming so that you can put pets up, unlock backyard gates or move cars out of the way. We have found our clients really appreciate knowing when we are coming. We also notify you if your lawn has any disease or pest that are damaging your lawn and you are in need of a curative treatment.  Our techs use there tablets on the job to send you an email asking for permission to prevent any further damage.  It is not our objective to endlessly upsell clients on treatments, but we do want to protect your lawn from any pest or disease than will incur costly damage.  We also provide you with watering instructions and we also try to notify you if conditions will require watering adjustments to your irrigation system.  We want your lawn to be a success!

Our Liquid Lawn care formula is different than every other lawn care company in Macon.  We are the only company that provides all liquid treatments in this area.  Other companies use granular treatments which do not have weed control or nutritional additives to protect your lawn all season long.  Because our treatments are liquid, this allows us to mix in different custom additives to protect and nourish your lawn!  This is one of the reasons we are able to 100% guarantee that your lawn will be weed free!

Our Liquid Lawn care customer service in Macon is also one of the reasons we are the best lawn care company in Macon.  We have over 200 Google reviews which is almost as many reviews as all of our competitors combined.  Be sure to read through some of our reviews! We communicate with our clients through Facebook Messenger, text, phone, and email.  We know people want to talk to someone, and we are here for you!

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