Lawn Care in Warner Robins

Need Lawn Care In Warner Robins?

Why choose Liquid Lawn for lawn care in Warner Robins?

Here are a few reasons to choose Liquid Lawn to handle your lawn care in Warner Robins!

  • Liquid Lawn is 100% guaranteed to work or your money back!
  • We have over 200 Google reviews!
  • We don’t make you sign a contract!
  • We have discounts on lawn care for anyone that has served in the military!
  • We have senior citizen discounts to help those on a fixed income!
  • We notify you before we come!
  • We provide instructions on how to take care of your lawn with watering instructions, problems to look for during the different seasons, and general tips on how to make sure your lawn will be beautiful

Weed Control is a big part of  your lawn care in Warner Robins

Weed control is one of the most important ways to protect your lawn from invasive weeds that can take over your lawn and crowd out your grass.  Some weeds like crabgrass and nutsedge can ruin the appearance of your lawn and need special applications to prevent these weeds from infesting your lawn.  All of our treatments include preventative herbicides to keep weeds from germinating.  Because we use liquid treatments this gives us much more flexibility to treat your lawn with exactly what it needs for each season.  Our treatments are guaranteed 100%.  Unfortunately, it takes more than one treatment to prevent weeds all season long.  Each season bring a different type of weed, and these treatments need to be spaced about every seven weeks to provide protection from weed germination.


Liquid Lawn: The Top Lawn Fertilization Company Near Warner Robins

Fertilization is vital for your lawn’s health.  With our unique liquid formulation, we are able to carefully calibrate the correct amount of nitrogen for your lawn as well include additives that will prevent weeds and enhance the color of your lawn.  Fertilizing your lawn is essential in the Warner Robins area because it helps lawn repair itself from damage, fill in bare spots, and create thick dense turf.  The best way to prevent weeds is to crowd them out with thick lush stand of grass.  Our fertilization program ensures that your lawn will look its best throughout the entire growing season.  Our lawn care program builds a healthy root system throughout the growing season so your lawn will be prepared for winter.  Check us out on facebook!facebook!

If you are interested in lawn maintenance, please contact our sister company.