Lawn Care in Bonaire

Lawn Care Bonaire, GA

Liquid lawn care in Bonaire

Lawn care in Bonaire can really make a huge difference in your lawn’s appearance.  Liquid  Lawn treatments will protect your lawn from weeds and make your lawn lush and thick.  All of our treatments are guaranteed and will be a great investment for your property when you have a lawn in great condition.

Weed control is an important part of your lawn care in Bonaire

Weed control is really important part of our lawn care program in Bonaire for protecting your lawn from being taken over and crowded out by invasive weeds.  Because all of our treatments are liquid, all of our have a weed prevention additive to keep your lawn free of weeds.  This weed control additive creates a protective barrier on your lawn so weed seeds cannot germinate.  This pre-emergent herbicide lasts about seven weeks which is why each of our treatments is on a seven week interval with a total of seven treatments for your lawn each.  Unfortunately, one weed control treatment will not keep weeds out of your grass forever.  These treatments need to happen on a regular basis to protect from weeds that emerge in each season.  When you are on our program you will have a 100% guarantee that your lawn will be weed free.

Fertilization is an important part of your lawn care in Bonaire

Fertilization is also really important for your lawn.  In fact, it is just as important as weed control.  Most people don’t think about it this way, but fertilization also prevents weeds from taking over your lawn.  Fertilizer make your grass thick and crowds out weeds from taking over.  Fertilizer encourage new growth and will encourage grass to fill in bare spots and weak areas.  Of course, one of the main reasons people fertilize is so that their lawn will be dark green!  One of the main advantage to our fertilizer applications is that we mix weed control and other nutrients in our liquid formula that just is not possible with granular fertilizer treatments.  This will give your lawn an edge over other lawns that are just being treated with granular fertilizer.  Our liquid fertilizer also have a slow release agent mixed in as well so that the enhanced color will last for weeks!

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