Lawn Care in Byron

Lawn Care in Byron, GA

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Importance of lawn care applications in the Byron area

Lawn care in Byron are vitally important to your lawn’s health.  Our office is located just a few miles from Byron and we have many clients in the Byron area.  We, at Liquid Lawn, view your lawn as an investment that needs an insurance policy.  We protect your lawn from weeds, and maintain its health by applying fertilizer as well as other nutrients that will increase the vitality of your lawn.

Weed control – Lawn Care Byron

Weeds are ugly and they will take over your lawn and crowd out your nice grass if you do not treat them and kill them.  They truly are a pest!  Weeds require a lawn program to prevent them throughout the year.  This really isn’t a sales pitch for us to provide you with more lawn care applications.  It is truly what is needed if you want a beautiful weed free lawn.  For every season there are different types of weeds that will germinate in your lawn, and you need treatments that are spaced out about every 7 weeks to make sure your lawn care preventive weed control is maintained.  After 7 weeks the preventive weed control breaks down, and another treatment is needed  This is why 7 treatments are needed for complete protection throughout the year.

Fertilization – Lawn Care in Byron

Fertilization is really important for your lawn.  After a long wet, cold winter, fertilizer is just the boost your lawn needs to get a good start for the long hot summer.  Fertilizer encourage leaf and root growth and makes turf more weed resistant and more resistant to pet or foot traffic.  Because it makes grass thicker, it crowds out weeds and is the first line of defense against weeds.  Because we spray liquid treatments of fertilizer, we can also mix into our tanks other additives that can help make your lawn greener and weed free.  Most companies use spreaders that put out granular fertilizer.  While this is effective at making grass green, it does nothing to prevent weeds.  This is why we are so confident in our guarantee.  When other companies “skip” weed applications in the summer, we do not.  We continually apply preventive weed treatments to ensure your lawn is protected against weeds.

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