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Fire ants are some of the hardest pests to iradicate in the U.S., since their arrival in the U.S. from South America, they’ve spread across most of the southern United States and they’re moving their way north. However, with proper treatments, you can keep these colonies at bay before they become dangerously large mounds that are hard to iradicate.


Why You Should Make Sure to Control Fire Ants

  • If left unbothered, there’s potential for them to take over your lawn or landscape
  • Eliminating them one year makes it harder for them to come back the next year
  • The sting of fire ants is very painful and potentially deadly
  • Small children and dogs can be killed by fire ant venom, whether or not they’re allergic

Fire Ant Control and Treatment

Fire ants come in many different sizes and varieties. Many of them are dangerous. The worst type of fire ants live in large mounds, and a swarming colony of them can kill a full-grown adult. Fire ant control in Macon & Warner Robins is difficult.

fire ants

fire ants

Unfortunately, you can’t always recognize the bad guys because most varieties look similar and often live in the same underground dens. Established fire ant colonies of any kind are nearly impossible to handle safely without a professional. Please contact us immediately if you discover a large fire ant mound on your property.

The smaller species of these pests are less dangerous, so you might think you can handle them with pesticides from the store. However, without professional help, you run the risk of poisoning the soil and killing your lawn, as well as the ants. Though nothing gets rid of fire ants forever, we can rid you of the problem for at least 9 months with a fire ant control treatment of TopChoice.

The large fire ants can deliver a painful sting to you, your family or your pets so homeowners should be proactive in getting rid of them. If you’ve noticed fire ants around your property, now is the time to eliminate them. Taking action now not only has immediate results but it will also help reduce their numbers come next spring and summer.

Learning more about Fire Ants: 

When temperatures remain between 70-85 degrees, conditions are ideal for getting rid of these pests for a variety of reasons:

  • Fire ants begin to swarm in the spring and continue to multiply throughout the summer months. By fall, they’ve reached their peak quantity.
  • They are most active in spring and fall when temperatures are more moderate. This time of year, active ants will be lured to deliver food or bait in a matter of hours.
  • Also, as the weather cools, fire ants don’t colonize as deeply in the ground. This means there’s less distance for them to travel to get the food or bait down to the colony.
  • The extreme cold of winter is tough on fire ants, so attacking them in the late summer/early fall is perfect timing. As colder weather sets in, it will reinforce their elimination because they will have to rely and eat the bait they brought in for hibernation.

Eliminating Fire Ants: 

There are several ways to get rid of fire ants in Macon & Warner Robins. You can do-it-yourself or hire a professional to give treatments that will eliminate your fire ant problem entirely:

  • Baits: Using fire ant bait is the most effective method if you’re taking a DIY approach. Bait is available in granular form and when used according to instructions, it can destroy 90% of your fire ants. You can either spread the bait across your entire lawn or apply 4ft circles around each mound. The bait acts as a stomach poison that inhibits the production of worker ants, in turn killing off the colony. When applying the bait, there are some things to consider:
    • Be sure you don’t disturb the mounds.
    • Ants can be sensitive to certain smells so use gloves and if using a spreader, be sure it’s new (not one previously used to apply fertilizers).
    • Keep the bait away from smoke and gasoline or the ants may not take the bait.
  • Professional Treatment: Professional insecticide applications are the safest and most dependable method to use when it comes to killing off fire ants. If you want to go the professional route,Liquid Lawn offers a plan to get rid of these pests with one fire ant treatment.

Fire ants in large numbers can cause serious harm to humans and animals alike. They have also been known to damage electrical equipment including lawn mowers thanks to their attraction for wires. Typically, where there’s one, there are hundreds and they’ll just continue to multiply. Take action now and fight off these aggressive pests in your yard. If you’d like a professional in Macon or Warner Robins to take care of your fire ant problem or have any questions, we’re here to help. Call us at 478-318-7644 or contact us online. Let’s move now to get rid of fire ants in your lawn or landscape.  If you need help with lawn maintenance, contact our sister company.

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