Weed killer

Weed killer

Weed killer in Macon and Warner Robins area lawns

Weed killer is one of the most important ways to protect your lawn from being infested and taken over by aggressive weeds.  In our climate there are several weeds that can take over your lawn and crowd out your turf and kill it.  Our service GUARANTEES to eliminate these weeds with our lawn care program.  Weeds can be very aggressive in the Macon and Warner Robins area.

Nutsedge weed killer

Nutsedge is a very aggressive weed especially during the growing season when we get lots of rain or areas of your lawn that are over watered.  Nutsedge cannot be pulled up by hand effectively.  It has nutlets buried up to 12″ under  the ground that this weed grows from.  You can pull up the weed foliage, but not the nutlet where the weed grows from.  These weeds are best treated by a foliar application.

Crabgrass weed killer

Crabgrass is an annual weed that can spread aggressively from early summer to frost.  This grass can

shade out your existing turf and by winter time, you will have large bare spots throughout your lawn.  These weeds are best prevented by preventive weed control done in February before the weed has germinated.

Dallisgrass weed killer

Dallisgrass is a tough to kill weed that is particularly ugly.  It sometimes takes 2-3 applications to kill Dallisgrass and it is best treated by a foliar application during the growing season.

Our weed killer program GUARANTEES to kill all of your weeds!

Our unique liquid lawn care program will prevent weeds from germinating and will kill any existing weeds.  Our 7 step program prevents weeds from germinating in all four seasons.  Weeds are a constant problem in lawns.  Weeds seeds get blown in from wind, tracked in on mowing equipment, spread from neighbor’s lawn, and are even blown in from street traffic.  With our lawn care program, your lawn is protected by a “liquid protective blanket” that prevents weeds from germinating in your lawn.  Be sure to check out our google reviews here.here.

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