Lawn Care in Lizella

Lawn Care Lizella, GA

Lawn care in Lizella

Liquid Lawn many lawn care clients in Lizella.  In fact, part of the Liquid Lawn staff calls Lizella home.  We service the entire Lizella area including around the lake and all of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Lawn care in Lizella – weed treatments

One of our main objectives for your lawn care is to prevent weeds from destroying your lawn.  Our weed control is guaranteed to work.  We only apply liquid applications and this really gives us more capability to control weeds year round.  Weeds are something that constantly needs attention.  Each season has different weeds so it necessary to be on lawn care program that will prevent weeds all year round.  The best way to have a weed free lawn is to prevent weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide.  This is a treatment that creates a “protective blanket” that prevent weed roots from penetrating the soil.  This is an environmentally friendly application and the herbicide will break down in 6-7 weeks and become ineffective.  That is why we space our treatment about every 7 weeks to provide protection from weeds year round.

Lawn care in Lizella – fertilizer treatments

Fertilization is also really important.  This is really your first defense against weeds.  Fertilizer encourages leaf and root growth.  Creating a dense and lush lawn will help your grass crowd out weeds and stay beautiful.  Fertilizing also helps fill in bare areas and help grass recover from winter dormancy, foot traffic wear, and any damage from disease or insects.  And of course, fertilizer will make your lawn that dark green color that is so desirable.  Because we apply liquid fertilizer we are also able to mix in other additives that prevent weeds and enhance the color of your lawn like iron.  This is really the best part about our Liquid Lawn formula is that while other companies are spreading granular fertilizer with no additives and no weed control, we are!  Preventing weeds while fertilizing your lawn is the key to having a weed free lawn!

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