Chinch Bug Lawn Damage in Macon / Warner Robins GA

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It’s the season for Chinch bug lawn damage in Macon / Warner Robins GA

Uh oh… Summer is under way and you’ve noticed your lawn starting to develop brown patches that seem to be creeping across your lawn.  In Macon / Warner Robins, our lawns are susceptible to the damage caused by the dreaded Chinch bug.

What are Chinch bugs?

chinch bugs in macon and warner robins, gaChinch bugs are a bit like the vampires of the lawn insect world. No, really!  They have beak like mouth-parts which they use to pierce and suck fluids from grass plants (Sound familiar?).

Not only does this dehydrate the grass, but the Chinch bugs saliva contains compounds which are toxic to the grass. This is what makes them so devastating and why your lawn can take so long to recover.

When are Chinch Bugs at their worst?

In Macon / Warner Robins GA lawns, we typically see chinch bug damage from roughly June – August.  Luckily, we are able to help prevent their population growth and damage.

What types of grass do Chinch bugs damage?

In our experience providing lawn care for Macon / Warner Robins, the Chinch bug damage is usually specific to St. Augustine grass. That’s certainly not to say that they won’t feed on other species of grass, as well.

How can I prevent Chinch bugs from ruining my lawn?

If you have a St. Augustine lawn in the Macon / Warner Robins area, we recommend treating for chinch bugs and other insects preventatively. Not to sound trite… but as Benjamin Franklin profoundly stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”.

If you’d like to learn more about what Liquid Lawn of Macon, GA can do to help prevent the damage these lawn bugs can do, just give us a call at 478-318-7644, or fill out our  contact form.

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