Cool vs. Warm Season Grasses

Cool vs.  Warm Season Grasses

Warm Season Grasses:

Warm Season Grasses: This is a Bermuda lawn in the macon / Warner Robins area and it is dark green and lush.  The front yard is weed free and is beautifully dark green.

Bermuda Grass

Warm Season Grasses: This is a Centipede Grass  lawn in  the Macon / Warner Robins area.  It is the front yard and it is dark green and beautiful.


Warm Season Grasses: This lawn is St. Augustine Grass, and it is dark green and lush.  It is weed free and beautiful.

St. Augustine

Warm Season Grasses:  Grass in Macon / Warner Robins area.  This is a photo of the front lawn and it is dark green and weed free.

Zoysia Grass






Cool Season Grasses:

Not Warm Season Grasses:Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn that is dark green and in the front lawn

Kentucky Bluegrass

Not Warm Season Grasses: Turf type is a tall fescue lawn that is dark green and mowed at a tall height.


Not Warm Season Grasses: Rye grass lawn at our office in the Macon / Warner Robins Georgia area.  The lawn is striped and is dark green.

Rye Grass






Macon / Warner Robins is on the lower edge of the “transition zone” – meaning, we live at the interface of cool/humid and warm/humid climatic zones. To the north in the cool/humid zone, cool season grasses thrive, e.g. bluegrass, bentgrass, fescue, and rye. On the lower end where we are, we grow more warm season grasses: bermuda, zoysia, centipede and St. Augustine. So, what is the difference between cool and warm season plants? Warm season grasses are C4 while cool season are C3 plants. They have different cavlin cycles. Meaning, there are differences in metabolic processes as well as the physical anatomy of the plant. As a result C4 plants are much more sensitive to frost and as such will typically go dormant in cold weather.In Macon / Warner Robins Georgia, cool season grasses can be used as a temporary overseed, but struggle to survive our summers. In my opinion, the cut-off line for growing Fescue grass is Atlanta. While overseeding is aesthetically pleasing, it requires extra fertilization and mowing when the grass would normally be dormant. Thanks for reading, check back soon for more lawn care updates or contact us for a quote

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