Controlling weeds

Controlling weeds

As spring approaches, the battle against controlling weeds escalates. Many homeowners identify weeds as the biggest headache of Macon and Warner Robins lawn care. Of course, Macon and Warner Robins are not alone. Weeds are an issue anywhere you go. They’re especially notorious for in weak turf or shady areas.

Ideal Conditions: Macon and Warner Robins homeowners commonly see weeds starting to grow in their lawn. These weeds grow because of no pre-emergent herbicide barrier.  Here are some other reasons for weeds in your landscape.

  • Compact Soil: Foot and vehicle traffic causes soil to compress around sidewalks and driveways. Unhealthy, compact soil is a perfect breeding ground for weeds.
  • Warm, Shallow Soil: Due to driveway and sidewalk construction, the soil around these areas is typically shallow. Lack of depth, combined with indirect heat from the pavement causes the soil to heat up quickly and weeds love warm soil.
  • Less Grass: Grass surrounding paved areas is more stressed due to shallow, compressed soil. This makes it hard for grass to develop deep roots and establish itself in these areas. Edging also plays a role as it eliminates grass adjacent to paved areas, exposing bare soil perfect for weed germination.

Weed Control: These weeds won’t go away on their own, but you have several options for managing their growth. Controlling some weeds will be more difficult to remove than others, so you may have to try several strategies.

  • Hand Pull: Try removing the weeds by hand. When hand pulling you want to ensure you pinch as close to the base as possible and remove the entire root system. This may be difficult depending on where the weed is growing.

    controlling weeds

    hand pulling weed

  • Chemical Weed Treatments: There are a variety of weed killers available on the market. You can spray these directly on the weeds, but be sure you read the label and follow the directions when doing so.
  • Over Watering: Make sure your your sprinkler system is set to run correctly.  Overwatering can cause certain weeds to thrive while drowning your existing turf.  Find out how to water your lawn correctly.
  • Annual Aeration: Aerating your lawn will help reduce soil compaction, allowing essential nutrients to reach the roots. This helps develop a deeper, stronger root system that will be better able to defend itself against weeds.
  • Cut Back on Edging: While edging enhances curb-appeal with a clean-line look, it’s often a trade-off for more weeds. Consider cutting back on your edging, particularly in the warmer months when weeds germinate effortlessly.

The best defense against weeds in any area of your yard is maintaining healthy soil through an effective Macon or Warner Robins lawncare regimen. By applying pre-emergents, and other routine treatments, your soil will be better equip to fight off not only weeds, but also pests and diseases.


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