Good lawn bugs

Good Lawn Bugs in Macon/ Warner Robins

Believe it or not there are some some good lawn bugs out there.  We mainly hear about the number of horrible yard pests that can utterly ruin your soil, kill your lawn, and empty your check book. But, there are a number of other types of small insects in the Macon and Warner Robins area that can actually be beneficial to your lawn.

Lady Bugs

good lawn bugs

lady bug

Surprisingly, there are many homeowners who look at these little bugs as pests. What they don’t know is that the lady bug can be one of the most beneficial insects for your yard. Lady bugs are famous for eating harmful aphids — it’s a staple of their diet — and can potentially save your grass and soil.  Aphids are know for creating nasty sooty mold on crepe myrtles, so ladybugs are great!

Big-eyed Bugs

good lawn bugs

big eyed bug

Adult big-eyed bugs are brown or black and 3-5 mm in length, or around 1/6th of an inch. Don’t mistake these beneficial predators for ticks; they are roughly the same color and size, but not the same shape at all. The big-eyed bug is more closely related to beetles than it is to spiders, which are cousins of the tick. Be careful not to confuse it for the chinch bug either.

Big-eyed bugs have large red eyes, one on either side of the head; three legs on each side; and two antennae. They eat the eggs of all kinds of lawn pests, such as caterpillars, leafhoppers, mites, thrips, whiteflies, and aphids.


good lawn bugs

lacewing bug

Lacewing larvae dine exclusively on the major insects that can destroy a lawn’s health and overall integrity. The larval form of the lacewing can rid your yard of aphids, mites, whiteflies, insect eggs, caterpillars, and psyllids. Lacewings in their larval form look like small caterpillars. Adult lacewings are medium sized bugs that closely resemble small dragonflies. The eggs of the Lacewing are white and are found at the tips of thin-twig types of vegetation.

Deploying the Lacewing bug across your yard, or keeping them there, can be accomplished by having plants that attract them. These include dill, Queen Anne’s lace, coriander, fennel, Angelica and more. Look on the Internet for a more complete list. The female lacewing will attach each of her eggs to separate strand of grass or twigs. This is done to prevent the larvae from devouring each other after they hatch. Green lacewings are exceptionally good at devouring Macon / Warner Robins yard pests and can be bought from professional growers and farmers.

If you decide to keep these beneficial bugs, your lawn will be able to avoid many of the common insect infestations that occur in the Macon / Warner Robins area, even if the rest of the neighborhood is experiencing problems. Before attacking the yard to rid yourself of all insects, make sure you’re not doing more harm to your lawn than good. Knowledge is power, especially when dealing with the intricacies of soil and lawn care. That’s why it may be a good idea to hire a professional lawn care company.

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