Lawn care questions

Top 10 Lawn Care Questions

Do you have lawn care questions?  Any lawn care company can promise you a beautiful, thick, green yard but who will actually deliver the results? Asking some key questions about each company and find out which is the best lawn care company for your needs can help give you the lawn you’re looking for. Here are our answers to those most commonly asked questions:

How frequently will you treat my lawn?

Liquid Lawn’s  lawn care programs includes seven annual treatments to help establish lush, green turf and prevent weeds. Our ornamental tree and shrub program also offers seven treatments that will help protect your plants from pests and diseases.

Do you offer any other services?

Liquid Lawn offers a variety of additional services beyond standard lawn care treatment programs such as:
Insect control
Disease-specific treatments for lawns, trees and shrubs; and
Aeration for warm-season grasses and aeration and overseeding for cool-season grasses

How are your technicians trained? (This lawn care question can also be in the form of: “Why are you better than your competitors?”)

Liquid Lawn technicians are one of the company’s biggest assets. They’re the most knowledgeable and best-trained technicians around with a true passion for what they do. They engage in 4-6 weeks of initial training, have continuing education and possess a State Pesticide Certification that equips them to safely handle and apply pesticides.

Will I have a different person treating my lawn every time?

We hear this lawn care question alot!  Typically, you will have the same technician or a member of that team treating your property.

lawn care questions

lawn care technician

This allows them to know the specific needs of your yard while also allowing you to develop a professional relationship with them.

What if I have lawn care questions or concerns between applications?

Liquid Lawns’ customer service team is just as committed as the technicians to your lawn. If you’d like a technician to address a lawn care question or issue between scheduled visits, inform us and we will send them out for a free service call. Customers can even contact our CEO or COO directly.

Do you have any reviews?

lawn care questions

Liquid has over 200 5 star reviews!

Liquid Lawn has the highest google rating in Macon / Warner Robins area with over 200 Google reviews.  Liquid Lawn also has stellar review on Facebook.


Check out Liquid Lawn’s convenient FAQ when you’re looking to choose a lawn care company. We’re confident that after some research you will feel confident Liquid Lawn is the right choice! If you have any other questions throughout your decision-making process, don’t hesitate to contact us.