Professional lawn care or DIY

Professional lawn care or DIY

Lawn fertilization plays a major role in achieving lush, green grass. While it may seem economically beneficial to go the DIY route, there’s more science behind proper fertilization and weed control than you might think. Homes in Macon / Warner Robins that get professional lawn care service stand out from the crowd. Certified lawn care specialists with extensive knowledge of lawn care will achieve better results than the average homeowner. Yet the real question is: As a homeowner, is it worth it to pay the professionals, or should you take it upon yourself to care for your own lawn? Here’s how it breaks down when you consider your time and money.

Do It Yourself Lawn Care

If you’re thinking about becoming your own lawn care provider, be sure that you’re covering all of the bases that a professional would. First, let’s discuss the supplies you’ll need. The average lawn needs a 40-lb. bag of brand name fertilizer, a 40-lb. bag of weed control, and a 40-lb. bag of crabgrass preventer every two months. Weed killer is also a necessity, to combat clover, crabgrass and dandelion growth. When all is said and done, the cost of materials will total about $135.

You’ll incur the total materials cost every eight weeks, year-round. Not to mention that, when you’re starting out, you’ll need a $120-$170 spreader to get all of the materials properly dispersed across your yard. Not only will Doing it yourself will cost you not only more money but also a good chunk of time. A thorough lawn care session should take two hours of work if not more, depending on the size and layout of your lawn.  Check out our video on buying lawn care fertilizer at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Professional Lawn Care

professional lawn care

Professional lawn care

If you’re considering hiring a professional for lawn care treatment, you can rest easy knowing that, at a minimum, you’d save hours of labor, plus the time it would have taken you to purchase materials. You’ll also meet people with a deep understanding of lawn care who are at your disposal to answer any questions. Your grass and yard will be in safe hands, and this peace of mind usually only costs about $60-$65 every seven weeks. If you choose the right company, you can expect the same specialist or small team to care for your lawn on a regular basis, developing a deeper understanding of your property and grass over time. Professional lawn care service isn’t limited to fertilization and maintenance. Additional services include pest and disease control and soil aeration, among others.

In this day and age, it can feel like we can accomplish almost anything with some elbow grease and a little help from Google. It’s true that most homeowners can take on lawn care themselves, but the cost and results may vary significantly. To get a more consistently healthy yard for less time and money, there’s a strong argument for hiring a lawn care professional instead of trying to do it yourself.  Get a quote now to compare the costs.