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How to care for Centipede grass in Macon / Warner Robins.

How to care for Centipede grass in Macon / Warner Robins

Centipede grass is a warm-season grass that is very popular in the Macon / Warner Robins area. Like Zoysia and Bermuda it is a southern turf grass that becomes dormant in the winter months.

Centipede grass is available in seed form or sod.  The prevalent variety available is Tifblair Centipede and is readily available at most sod farms around Macon / Warner Robins.  The blade is wider than most zoysia or bermuda turf varieties.  The lawn color is not as dark green as zoysia or bermuda and has lower nitrogen requirement than Bermuda grasses.  It is a slower growing turf requiring less mowing than Bermuda.

Benefits: Centipede is one of the easier grasses to establish in the Macon / Warner Robins area.  It is available in seed and sod.  Centipede sod can be laid year round in our climate and seeding is best done in early summer to allow for a few months to establish.

  • Easy to establish.
  • Less frequent mowing.
  • Seed and sod is more affordable than most zoysia grasses

Disadvantages: Like any other turf, Centipede has its faults too. While many are drawn to its ability to create an affordable, established lawn quickly, Centipede also has some serious drawbacks.

  • It is not as cold as hardy as other warm season grasses.  It is susceptible to winter damage when temperatures dip below 20 degrees.
  • It is not disease or insect resistant.

    Centipede Grass in Macon / Warner Robins

    Centipede lawn in Macon / Warner Robins

  • It requires full sun and is not shade tolerant.  It will need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Centipede does not boast the dark green color of zoysia or bermuda lawns.

Planting: Timing and soil preparation are important when it comes to establishing grass.

  • Centipede can be planted from grass seed in the early summer months.
  • Centipede sod can be installed anytime of year in the Macon / Warner Robins area.
  • Till before planting to soften the soil, and be sure to follow proper initial watering practices.

Lawn CareUnless you appropriately maintain your Centipede lawn, you won’t achieve the perfect yard you’re looking for. Be sure to:

  • Fertilize in the spring once your Centipede has greened up. Continue applying fertilizer every six weeks after the first application until September.
  • Be sure to be on a preventive weed control program
  • Follow proper mowing techniques. Don’t cut more than a third of the blade height at each mowing session.  Centipede can be mowed every 7-14 days in the growing season.
  • Water effectively and be sure your grass gets an inch of water every week.

Centipede grass is a great option if your yard receives 6 hours of direct sun. When properly managed, a Centipede lawn can provide a low maintenance green turf during the warm weather. If you’re facing any issues with your Centipede lawn, we’re happy to help get it back on track. Give us a call at 478-318-7644 or email a Lawn Care Specialist.

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