Spring Lawn Care Tips, Part 1

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As soon as the winter solstice is over, you can almost feel the change in the seasons. The days slowly get longer, and little by little, the gloom is lifted. By the end of January, the difference is noticeable, and as February approaches, you start planning your garden, your annuals, and your lawn care.

Liquid Lawn serves the Daytona area with weed control, fertilization, and insect and disease lawn care services. Our passion is to help you create a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of, that your dogs can roll around in, and that your children can rollick in. We want to partner with you to have a lawn free from weeds and insects, and that beckons you to spend the long spring and summer evenings outside. Below, we’ll offer up some spring lawn care tips that you can get started on now. Contact us today for a free lawn care quote!


Rake Your Lawn

Sometimes known as dethatching, raking your lawn should be on the top of your spring lawn care items to do. Thatch is the name for the layer of dead and living grass shoots, stems, and roots that can show up between the soil and the grass. Thatch is different than lawn clippings.

Thatch builds up because it is a natural part of your grass that can’t be broken down fast enough. While having some thatch is good for your lawn as it helps to insulate your lawn against temperature fluctuations, especially in the winter, too much thatch can damage the roots of your lawn. Thatch can also contribute to the roots of your grass becoming too dry, which can kill your grass if there’s not enough moisture content in the ground. On the opposite end of the spectrum, thatch can cause root rot if there’s been a lot of rain on your lawn. Liquid Lawn in Daytona recommends that you rake your lawn to remove the dead thatch and leave a healthy amount behind.

Water Your Lawn

Many people mistakenly believe that your grass doesn’t need watering during the winter. However, if you relate this to a houseplant you may own, what would happen if you didn’t water it all winter? Exactly, it would die. Your lawn is a living organism, and it needs sunlight, water, and nutrients to survive. However, because your grass is in a dormant stage and not growing, you don’t need to overdo the watering. Instead, Liquid Lawn in Daytona recommends watering just enough to wet the surface of the ground. Water especially when you see the first signs of root growth, which are those cute, little bright green shoots in the ground.


Taking care of your lawn is a year-long activity; the maintenance just decreases in the winter months. However, if you love a beautiful, green lawn in the summer, you need to rev up your lawn care in the spring. Liquid Lawn offers the best in lawn care and weed control services in Daytona. We love to help you have the lawn you want. Call us today for a free quote!