How long should I water my lawn?

A common question among homeowners in the Macon / Warner Robins area is how do I water my lawn?  In this article, we will address watering times, types of sprinkler heads, and when to water in different seasons.

How long should I set my sprinklers/irrigation to run?

The first thing we want to focus on is what type of sprinkler is watering the lawn.  Rotors are the larger sprinklers that rotate and spray about 30′.  This type of sprinkler needs to run longer than the smaller spray heads that spray in a fixed fan pattern.  Spray heads typically put out about 3-5 times as much water as a rotor head.  This can be deceiving as the rotor has a larger stream, but because of the rotation, it takes several turns to equal the amount of output of a spray head.  A good rule of thumb is to run rotors 3-5 times longer than spray heads.

Rotor head


Spray head


How long should each sprinkler zone run for?

We recommend using different run times for different seasons.  In the Macon / Warner Robins area, the heat in the summer months is extreme and can even be deadly.  We recommend changing your lawn watering frequently to adapt to the changing temperatures.  In the late spring, rotor irrigation zones typically need to run 30-45 minutes per zone, and spray irrigation zones typically need to run 8-12 minutes.  We recommend watering 2-3 days a week during late spring.  In mid to late summer with extreme heat, your lawn will need more water.

If it is not raining, the lawn can need as much as 1 hour for rotor zones and 10-15 minutes on spray zones.  We recommend watering 3-4 times per week.  If you still notice dry spots, we recommend supplemental watering in between regularly scheduled water times.  During the fall your lawn still needs water.  We typically recommend watering your lawn up to November especially if we are not getting any rainfall.  The irrigation settings for fall would be the same as the late spring.  We only recommend watering as needed in the winter months.

When should I water my lawn?

We recommend watering your lawn in the early morning hours.  We try to set lawn irrigation to start running at 3-5 am.  With the extreme heat in Macon / Warner Robins, early morning watering helps avoid evaporation, and the water will dry on the leaves faster than early evening/night watering.  We don’t want water to stay on the turf leaves for an excessive period of time because that will create an environment for fungus.  Also, keep in mind that you want your watering to end before you take a morning shower because the lawn sprinkler system will have an effect on the water pressure in your home.

What does it cost to water a lawn?

We frequently hear concerns about high water bills, and we understand watering your lawn cost money.  However, keeping your lawn alive during periods of drought stress can end up saving you thousands of dollars in sod replacement costs.  Sod and installation are very expensive. One pallet of sod can cost $150-$300 plus delivery.

Lawn installation typically costs $150-$300 per pallet of sod depending on the scale of your turf installation.  These costs are much more expensive than watering your lawn.  A typical monthly watering bill for your lawn and home use is usually $100-$250 in peak season depending on the size of your lawn.  Watering your lawn can end up preventing turf grass from dying and will save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs in the long run.

How do I adjust my irrigation?

Check out our youtube video for instructions on how to adjust irrigation rotors here. Also, check out our post on a localized dry spot in Macon / Warner Robins.

How can I make my lawn green and weed-free?

Subscribe to our service where we treat your lawn with proactive weed treatments, and lawn fertilization, and partner with you on how to best take care of your lawn.  Find out more about our lawn care service.